Real Estate:

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Shai Carmel & Co.'s real estate and property practice deals with residential as well as commercial and retail real estate transactions in Israel.

The firm enjoys vast experience in dealing with selling, purchasing and leasing of residential, commercial and retail properties in Israel.

Our services include advising on particular transactions, drafting the relevant agreements and dealing with Israeli real estate tax issues.

We specialise in catering for overseas investors in Israel who are interested in purchasing a home or foothold in Israel. 

Our services regarding property transactions in Israel will include:

  • Drafting the relevant transaction documents in English, or providing the client with a synopsis of the transaction in English in the event the transaction documents are in Hebrew.
  • Structuring the purchase/investment using off shore corporate vehicles/structures where required by the client.
  • Advising on the way real estate transactions are carried out in Israel, including various aspects which are unique to the Israeli real estate market.
  • Dealing with Israeli real estate tax issues.
  • Linking the client with professional English speaking, reliable real estate brokers.
  • Advising on real estate and tax issues involving the probate of foreign estates in Israel.
  • Assisting a foreign purchaser with obtaining real estate financing, mortgages and loans in Israel, including drafting and advising on the documentation.  
  • Arranging preferred rates for foreign currency conversions with Israeli banks.
  • We also offer property management services for foreign investors' real estate in Israel.

For further information please contact either Shai Carmel or Meir Klinger

Foreign Investments in Israel:

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Our services include representing foreign investors in commercial transactions and business investments in Israel from the early stage of initial negotiations to drafting all the transaction documentation and advising the client throughout the negotiations. 

Our services are provided entirely in English and we provide translation of Hebrew documents, where and when required.

Our services will include:

  • Agreements for the sale and acquisition of companies and businesses.
  • Hi-tech investment agreements.
  • Agency, distribution, joint venture and commercial contracts.
  • Loan, mortgages and financing agreements and documentation.
  • Employer – Employee relations.

For further details please contact Shai Carmel or Meir Klinger.

Hi Tech / Corporate:

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We offer legal services concerning Hi-tech investment and corporate matters for investors in startup companies as well as in established corporations. Our services include:

  • Share purchase agreements / Shareholders agreements.
  • Private placements.
  • Share option agreements.
  • Employee stock option plans.
  • Joint ventures.
  • Know-how agreements.
  • Grants and funding applications.
  • Generally advising on hi tech investments in Israel.

Our experience includes acting for foreign individual investors and investors' groups as well as acting as legal counsel to Israeli Hi-tech startup companies.

For further information please contact either Shai Carmel or Meir Klinger.

Wills and Probate :

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We provide professional advice on all matters involving wills and probate issues and the execution and administration of estates in Israel, including:

  • Probate and inheritance legal proceedings in Israel.
  • Drafting of wills.
  • Executor and administration services for estates.
  • Dealing with tax matters involving real estate assets.

Our firm has accumulated considerable experience in probating foreign estates which include assets in Israel.

For further details please contact Shai Carmel or Meir Klinger.

Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution :

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We offer litigation services in Israeli courts as well as mediation and arbitration representation in Israel. Our services include: 

  • Commercial and real estate disputes.
  • Litigation involving matters of Private International Law.
  • Debt recovery and enforcement of foreign judgments in Israel.
  • International arbitration and dispute resolution.
  • Corporate and shareholders' disputes.
  • Employment matters.
  • Criminal matters/ Extradition.

For further details please contact Meir Klinger.